Online now: Hi, I'm Luisa. I'm 20 and from Lisbon, Portugal. This blog features mainly things I love such as music, tattoos, piercings, women, men, beauty, Zelda, Death Note, Naruto, yada yada yada and also thing I find funny in general. Ask me things, don't be shy :)
Smurf style wheyffles ❤️😍😝 #ilovefoodcoloring
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Goblet sumo squat drop set -> let’s go!! #buildingabooty
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Can it be too much for a girl to ask for a lifting/IIFYMer girlfriend? #fuckyouportugal #noonevenliftshere #ormaybepeopleliftbutdontIIFYM #ormaybetheydobothbutdontwanttobyfriends #damn
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Dat dinner ❤️😍 Beef steak with butternut squash & spinach ❤️💪 #nomnomnom
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(Early) Happy birthday to me!!! My birthday isn’t til next week but the mailman just showed up with all these goodies my brother offered me ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for the super fast service @theproteinworks 😀🔝
New #muchneededmerch #zelda top 😍😍🔝