Online now: Hi, I'm Luisa. I'm 20 and from Lisbon, Portugal. This blog features mainly things I love such as music, tattoos, piercings, women, men, beauty, Zelda, Death Note, Naruto, yada yada yada and also thing I find funny in general. Ask me things, don't be shy :)
@inesgetshealthy it’s real 😍
Mini @oreo & light whipped cream #gains ❤️💪😍😋
Beef marinated in mayo & BBQ sauce with green beans ❤️🔝👌
Lost followers from the last ab selfie, so here’s another one #justbecauseyes #ihadhit1.1k #fuckyou #byebye #abs #bitchess
Random ab selfie because: 1⃣Coach started my reverse diet last week so + carbs & + fats 2⃣I usually only have abs at 8am an it’s 7pm now #saywhaaaat 🙀 #asifineededareason👌 #mustbedoingsomethingright 💪
Chocolate egg white fluff & ricotta grilled cheese 😍👌🔝
Rest day today and tomorrow. 😦
OMG @cellucor Peanut Butter Marshmallow Mugcake #mouthgasm #foodgasm 🙀😍👌 #ThereIsNoSuchThingAsTooMuchNutellaOnTop
Pork neck fillets with broccoli 😍
No Pingo Doce 🙀🙀🙀🙀