Online now: Hi, I'm Luisa. I'm 20 and from Lisbon, Portugal. This blog features mainly things I love such as music, tattoos, piercings, women, men, beauty, Zelda, Death Note, Naruto, yada yada yada and also thing I find funny in general. Ask me things, don't be shy :)
@waldenfarmsinternational caramel egg white fluff with cinnamoned rice krispies 🔝👌
Shopping ❤️👌
Nom. Nomnomnom. Apple, lettuce, tomato, turkey boob & goat’s cheese. Nom.
Deadlifts & an empty gym ❤️ 70kg(155lbs)x3 reps PR YEEEEAH 🙏💪
@theproteinworks choc mint wheyffles pre #legday 😍💪🙏
❤️💪 #TomorrowsLegDay #Yay
Macro finisher!! 🙏👌
Late dinner was a potato gratin, green beans and 1/2 of a baguette with tuna & lots of cheese 😍😍😍
Happy #flexfriday 💪💪 Excuse the fuckyard face 😝🙏
Huuuuge bowl of salad for lunch ❤️😍💪👌 cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, chicken & goat’s cheese ! #Nomnomnom
Excited about that post-workout shoulder & bicep pump 😱😋👌
Rise & Grind 💪
As challenged by @lenaisabelgoncalves & @ateresacorreia I took the whole #nomakeup #nofilter challenge as an escuse to take selfies 😜 I do wear eye make up everyday but I don’t care about not using it because my hair looks fierce and fabulous anyway 😋👌🔝