Online now: Hi, I'm Luisa. I'm 20 and from Lisbon, Portugal. This blog features mainly things I love such as music, tattoos, piercings, women, men, beauty, Zelda, Death Note, Naruto, yada yada yada and also thing I find funny in general. Ask me things, don't be shy :)
Funky looking merengue filo pastry cups ❤️❤️❤️
Good morning! ❤️ @theproteinworks choco mint wheyffles with choco mint 0 syrup ❤️😍💪
#nosemaisbolos (at Time Out - Mercado da Ribeira)
Dat dinner: chicken boob cooked in butter topped with 2 slices of cheese and slammed in between 2 slices of bread smothered in creammy blue cheese. ❤️❤️❤️ #nosuchthingastoomuchcheese
I have a new mug *_* ❤️ #nutellaislife
Was just on the #iifymwomen facebook group talking to @emiliafit about having too much free time for selfies so… Here you go, another #flex #selfie ❤️💪
Chicken boob and goat’s cheese ❤️❤️❤️
Smurf style wheyffles ❤️😍😝 #ilovefoodcoloring
All done 💪 now for some wheyffles ❤️
Goblet sumo squat drop set -> let’s go!! #buildingabooty
It’s leg day again!! ❤️😍💪