Online now: Hi, I'm Luisa. I'm 20 and from Lisbon, Portugal. This blog features mainly things I love such as music, tattoos, piercings, women, men, beauty, Zelda, Death Note, Naruto, yada yada yada and also thing I find funny in general. Ask me things, don't be shy :)
Refeed dinner: potato gnocchi (lots of it!) with chicken boob and cheesy creamy sauce 😍😍💪💪
My @cellucor #prozispt order is (finally) here 😍😍❤️❤️💪💪
Making me happy is very very easy ❤️😍 #tooeasy #oreo #mintchocolate #fudge #iknowright
I ❤️ sandwiches 😍😍
Back & biceps dones, now off to a lunch with friends 👌💪❤️
Back & biceps : let’s go! 💪
It’s REFEED day! Made myself a big pretty plate of carbs to start it off well 😀💪 #papasdeaveiaeatofit
Meninas da #sagafitpt estou a vender esta t-shirt motivacional! Não é original Nike, é um S/M e só foi usada umas 2 vezes 😊 Estou a pedir 15€ + portes de envio pra qualquer parte do país e ilhas 😘💪
Best. Candy bar. Ever. #nodoubt
White chocolate fluff & a 3 musketeers bar? Yes please! ❤️😍💪
Chicken boob with cheese, a fried egg and butternut squash baked cubes 😍❤️💪
Vacation means: half asleep on the couch watching cooking shows 😋👍 #sibastable #dinersdriveinsanddives #tripled #foodnetwork
Eggplant “lasagna” 😝💪